Price List & Ordering Instructions


* We will stop offering Prints after March 31, 2013. After that date, CD orders only.

* We no longer accept credit card orders.

Digital files on CD are available for all images on this site - a price list is provided below.
If you would like to order a CD from Camera Animal, please open and print the PDF Order Form or print the form below.

CD ORDERS: One Event per CD - please complete a separate form for each event.
You and your dog(s) only, please. Full high resolution images, unmodified.
Personal use only, all rights reserved by photographer.
If published with permission, photo credit should go to


For best results use the PDF form. Otherwise, print this page.

Please print or type clearly and provide all event details to avoid confusion and delay in processing your order.
Please provide a telephone number where you can most easily be reached. (Used only in the event of a question concerning
your order. All information is kept strictly confidential and will not be shared with persons or other businesses.)

 Event name
& Date

* See Price List
 Photo Number  CD price  Amount
 CD & First Image
 Additional Images


Please mail your payment to: Subtotal   $____________
Camera Animal Shipping & Handling   $    5.00
1442 E. Lincoln Ave. #352 Total   $____________
Orange, California 92865


Order Color Prints OR Images on a CD

 CD and 1st image (per event)  $18.00
 Each additional image file on CD  $5.00


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